Vision Test


FuseBox Layout – Zone Selector
Software Interface

Our vision test systems are able to inspect components that are difficult to access due to physical or mechanical issues.

Among others, it is possible to make tests of:

Color – Tests color content values sensed in a selected area
Color Blob – Presence, size and location of selected features with one or more colors
Bar Code – Finds, decodes and grades 2D and 1D linear bar codes
OCR/OCV – Reads and verifies optical characters
Object – Determines the presence, number, size and location of objects
Pattern Count – Determines the presence, number and location of a pattern(s)
GEO Count – Locates 360° inspection detail regardless of product orientation

Low development cost!

Easy to setup and operate
Three-step point and click operation
Multiple stored inspections
Export inspections and results
Stand-alone or part of the circuit board system

Customizable to test specific components

Validation System for Automotive Antennas through vision