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Our HV test tables are the perfect solution for high voltage wiring tests


Our high-voltage test tables are a modular system that combines various types of technology, adaptable to meet unique applications in the automotive industry.

Special modules manufactured with specific insulation to guarantee an efficient high voltage test.

These modules can perform multitask operations such as:

  • Test in HV up to 6000 VDC and 5000 VAC.

The range of voltages and equipment allows carrying out the HV test on the most diversified cables and components, thus ensuring compliance with the requirements for the high voltage electrical test.

  • Connection verification

Dedicated probes point to specific areas of the unit under test so that the continuity and high voltage test is most efficient.

  • Simple or complex air leak test

Whenever possible, applied to the same module, it allows checking if the unit under test is immune to external humidity.