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Dinefer was founded in 1988, in the city of Castelo Branco (Portugal).

Having today as its main activity the design, production and commercialization of test systems, mainly for the wiring harness industry, but also for the industry in general.

Our customers’ requests have contributed to the improvement of our efficiency and also to a sustained growth, enhanced through sales abroad with the beginning of our internationalization in 1996.

As suppliers of Industrial Solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, we consider that in addition to competitive pricing, quality improvement and reduction of product lead time are key factors in increasing customer satisfaction.

Believing in success as a consequence rather than as an objective, we focus on people and their development, on the values and on the proactive responsibility of each individual.

Dinefer is a certified company with 30 years of experience in the automotive wiring industry.



Since 1988
104 Employees
3000 m2


Since 2003
30 Employees
490 m2


Since 2004
7 Employees
250 m2


Since 2006
49 Employees
906 m2


Since 2010
1 Employee
70 m2


Since 2012
1 Employee
50 m2



Dinefer’s policy is defined for the company, its responsible people and workers, guiding its relationship with other entities, always having as reference the fulfillment of the assumed requirements and the international standards translated in NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001.

1. Customer

We assure the customer the priority of our attention.

The satisfaction of their expectations regarding the quality of the products supplied and the service provided, at an appropriate price, is our main objective.

2. Supplier

We assure the supplier a relationship of cooperation and partnership for mutual growth.

With environmental sustainability in mind, equipment, materials and services must add the appropiate quality to our products, at the best final cost.

3. Worker

Each worker will see their individual and professional qualities respected and their health and safety protected.

However, the integration of these attributes in the organization is indispensable, and each one is encouraged to develop them in an attitude of permanent improvement in the performance of their duties.

4. Company

The consistent search for productivity and profit and the constant improvement both in the quality of our business and in environmental performance, expressed in an increasingly solid presence in the market, constitute the key milestones on the path to Dinefer’s development and growth, its consolidation and continuity.

Values ​​such as availability, flexibility, transparency in the relationship, openness to change and multiculturalism are the support for the continuous improvement of individual and collective performance.

5. Community

The company claims to be aware of its social importance due to the reflection that it and the benefits it provides have in the community in which it operates. Also aware of its environmental importance, DINEFER is committed to carrying out eco-efficient management, preventing pollution, complying with assumed environmental requirements, including legal ones, and using natural resources rationally.

Dinefer is a certified company

1995 – ISO 9002
2002 – ISO 9001
2009 – ISO 14001